Nebraska Economics and Business Association (NEBA) is involved with issues and research on economics and business topics in general, and also focuses on issues and research related to the economy of Nebraska and the Great Plains. NEBA holds a economics conference each year in the Fall, and publishes an online journal, the Economics and Business Journal: Inquiries and Perspectives.

Officers, 2020

President: Brian Williams
President Elect: Merrill Johnson
Past-President: Allan Jenkins
Secrty/Treasurer: Dave Carpenter
Editor, Econ and Business
John Tiner

Executive Board Members:
Jennifer Bossard
   Doane College
Dave Carpenter
   Hastings College
Meenakshi Dalal
   Wayne State College
Chris Decker
   University of NE-Omaha
Erwin Erhardt III
   University of Cincinnati
Joyce Gleason
   Nebraska Wesleyan Univ., Ret.
Stephen Horner
   Pittsburg State University
Daniel Janke
   USDA Rural Dev Bus Prog
Allan Jenkins
   University of NE - Kearney
Merrill Johnson
   Bellevue University
Ron Konecny
   University of NE-Kearney
Jack Kramer
   Hastings College, Ret.
Ken Kriz
   Wichita State Univ.
Kenneth Lemke
   Nebr. Public Power District
Sam Nelson
   University of NE-Lincoln
Michael O'Hara
   University of NE-Omaha
Dave Palmer
   South Dakota State
Janet Scott
   Southeast Community Coll
Bill Snyder
   Peru State College, Ret.
Kim Sosin
   University of NE-Omaha, Ret.
Eric Thompson
   University of NE-Lincoln
John W Tiner
Brian Williams
   NPPD, Columbus NE
Kathleen Zumpfe
   Doane University

The 2020 Great Plains Economics and Business Conference
has been canceled because of Covid-19 concerns.
Please read this information from President-elect/conference chair Merrill Johnson for more information.

Call for Papers: Although there will be no conference presentations this year, we encourage faculty and guests to submit your papers for publication in the 2020 Economics and Business Journal. The student paper sessions are cancelled.

Details are found in this document. Deadline for 2020 Journal submission: November 30. All economics and business topics welcome.

Prior to cancellation, the theme for 2020
Is the Midwest Ready for the Tectonic Shift?

More about the 2020 theme: Merrill Johnson, Vice President-elect and Chair of the Planning Committee, gave the following explanation: At the time of the Board planning meeting on February 28th, we were trying to get our arms around the potential magnitude of the coronavirus. Most people in attendance expressed their concerns that this pandemic was not going to be short-term, rather this was going to change some of the fundamentals of how we live and conduct commerce for the longer-term. Unfortunately, some people and some institutions may not adequately deal with a post-virus world. This theme is about how we deal with change when we do not know the scope and boundaries of this change. This topic clearly gives the presenters a great deal of flexibility when crafting their papers. Papers for the Journal can be on any topic of interest in economics and business.

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