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Editorial Board
-John Tiner, NEBA, Editor
-Michael J. O'Hara, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Book Review Editor -David K. Palmer, South Dakota State, Past Editor

-Jennifer Bossard, Doane College
-Dave Carpenter, Hastings College
-Meenakshi Dalal, Wayne State University
-Christopher Decker, University of Nebraska at Omaha
-Joyce Gleason, Nebraska Wesleyan University (retired)
-Stephen Horner, Pittsburg State University
-Allan Jenkins, University of Nebraska at Kearney
-Doug Kinnear, Hastings College
-Ron Konecny, University of Nebraska at Kearney
-Jack Kramer, Hastings College
-Ken Kriz, Wichita State University
-Kenneth Lemke, NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District)
-Samuel A. Nelson, Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
-Ronda Smith, Fort Hays State University
-Bill Snyder, Peru State College (retired)
-Kim Sosin, University of Nebraska at Omaha (retired)
-Eric Thompson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
-Kathryn M. Zuckweiler, University of Nebraska at Kearney

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Volume 10, Number 1, October, 2019


Book Review The Form of the Firm: A Normative Political Theory of the Corporation by Abraham A. Singer
Reviewed by Jeffrey Bone, Saint Joseph's University.

"It's How We Do Things Here" Regional Population Personality and Corruption
Bill Provaznik, College of Business, Central Washington University
Larry Hughes, College of Business, Northcentral University

Nebraska and Punitive Damages: Transaction Costs
Michael J. O'Hara, J.D., Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Omaha

Volume 9, Number 1, October, 2018


College Choice:An Investigation of the Student Selection Process Using the Multiattribute Decision-Making Model
Christine Fogliasso, Pittsburg State University
Stephen V. Horner, Pittsburg State University
Donald Baack, Pittsburg State University

How Culture Affects Doing Business in the Global Economy
Ndem Tazifor, New Mexico Economic Development Department Santa Fe
Benjamin Widner, New Mexico State University ~ Las Cruces
Mingming Pan, Assistant New Mexico State University ~ Las Cruces
Christina Medina, New Mexico State University ~ Las Cruces
Carl Enomoto, New Mexico State University ~ Las Cruces

Students' Perceptions of OER Quality
Melissa Hunsicker-Walburn, Fort Hays State University
Wally Guyot, Fort Hays State University
Robert Meier, Fort Hays State University
Loretta Beavers, Southwest Virginia Community College
Michael Stainbrook, Fort Hays State University
Mark Schneweis, Fort Hays State University

Using Private Mortgage Insurance When You Have the 20% Down Payment
John B. White, United States Coast Guard Academy

Absenteeism, Presenteeism, and Workplace Climate: A Taxonomy of Employee Attendance Behaviors
Carl P. Kaiser Washington and Lee University

Analysis of the Relation Between Treasury Stock and Common Shares Outstanding
Stoyu I. Ivanov, San Jose State University

Does Microfinance Empower Women? A Case Study of Rajasthan, India
Meenakshi N. Dalal, Wayne State College Emeritus

Perceptions and Academic Decision Making
John W Tiner, Nebraska Economics and Business Associatin

Cointegration Analysis of Leverage
Stoyu I. Ivanov, San Jose State University

Why the Federal Government Should Pages 134-144 Not Be in the Insurance Business: The Case of the Cadillac Tax
Alan D. Eastman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kevin L. Eastman, Georgia Southern University

Volume 8, Number 1, October, 2017


Keeping Our Cool: In Defense of Air Conditioning
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr. University of Nebraska Omaha

The Functional and Dysfunctional Aspects of Organizational Politics: A Conceptual Analysis
Stephen V. Horner, Pittsburg State University
David Baack, Missouri Southern State University
Donald Baack, Pittsburg State University

Ethnicity and Evaluative Judgments as Predictors of Well-Being: An Analysis of Public Data
Darrin F. Coe, Peru State College

A Statistical Abstract Analysis of the Gelman Paradox: Why Correlation Does Not Denote Causation in Voting Outcomes Based on Regional Average Incomes
John W Tiner, Peru State College

Tax Increment Finance in Nebraska: A Review of TIF Use from 1996-2011 Jennifer A. Bossard, Associate Professor of Economics, Doane University
Mike Korsakas, Software Quality Analyst, Hudl

Service Learning: Liberations, Lamentations and Lessons Learned
Kathleen Rathje Zumpfe, Doane University

Do Nebraska's Agricultural Land Values and Rent Reflect Increased Differential in Yield and Crop Price?
Anil Giri, University of Central Missouri
Kyle Lovercamp, University of Central Missouri
Sankalp Sharma, Kent State University
Iuliia Protopop, Illinois State University

Volume 7, Number 1, October, 2016


CEO Succession, the Role of Power, and CEO Duality
Stephen V. Horner, Pittsburg State University
Alix Valenti, University of Houston, Clear Lake

The Changing Role of Media for High School Sports Fans Creates an Opportunity for Website Development and Social Media Use
Kristen M. Maceli, Pittsburg State University
Mary Kay Wachter, Pittsburg State University

Walmart and the CPA Community
Steven C. Hall, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Laurie S. Swinney, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Adapting the Balanced Scorecard to Improve MRO Supplier Performance: A Case Study
Gregory Benson, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Are Agricultural States Able to Absorb Economic Declines Better Than Their Counterparts?
Anil Giri, University of Central Missouri
Kyle Lovercamp, University of Central Missouri
Sankalp Sharma, Kent State University
Iuliia Protopop, Illinois State University

Volume 6, Number 1, October, 2015


A Pilot Study of Community College Student New Media Instructional Preferences
Loretta Beavers, Southwest Virginia Community College
Wally Guyot, Fort Hays State University
Robert Meier, Fort Hays State University
James (Skip) Ward, Fort Hays State University
Xiangyu Xiao, Fort Hays State University

Implications of Increased Ethanol Production on Nebraska Hay Production: An Initial Investigation
Deborah Bridges, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Frank Tenkorang, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Economic and Social Impact of Microfinance– A Case Study of Rajasthan, India
Meenakshi N. Dalal, Wayne State College

Governance Human Capital and CEO Dismissal: Exploring the Impact of Board Experience and Expertise
Stephen V. Horner, Pittsburg State University

Volume 5, Number 1, October, 2014


Analysis of Moody's Bottom Rung Firms
Stoyu I. Ivanov, San Jose State University
Howard Turetsky, San Jose State University

Effect of Uncertain and Turbulent Environment on Organizational Design
Pushpa Agrawal, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Did Dark Matter Prevent a Big Bang in the Recent Financial Crisis?
Craig S. Marxsen, University of Nebraska at Kearney (Emeritus)

Integrating Corporate Governance into the Business School Curriculum: Some Simple Suggestions
Kathryn Zuckweiler, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kirsten Rosacker, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Monetary-Policy Targets and Exchange Rates
Jerry Mushin, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Employee Absence Costs, Economic Losses, and Firm Competitiveness
Carl P. Kaiser, Washington and Lee University

Volume 4, Number 1, October, 2012


The Financial Crisis: Did the Market Go To 1? And Implications for Asset Allocation
Jeffry Haber & Andrew Braunstein

Simultaneous Determination of Insider Ownership and Leverage The Case of Small Businesses
Dong Y. Nyonna

The New Markets Tax Credit: The Path for Financial Institution Participation
Anthony Masino

Customer Retention and the Health Care Industry
Donald Baack

Psychological Capital: Key to Understanding Entrepreneurial Stress?
Susan M. Jensen

Changing the Organization Culture
Ronald D. Merrell

Intranets as an Empowerment Tool
D. Keith Denton

Mr. Taylor, Mr. Ford, and the Advent of High-Volume Mass Production: 1900-1912
John Paxton

New Estimates of the Fraction of People Who Consume Current Income
Mark Senia & Joe McGarrity

Are Nascent Entrepreneurs Different from the Self-employed?
J. Mark Leonard

Impact of Fiscal Stimulus on Stock Market and Economy: An Indian Scenario
T. Koti Reddy & Garima Agrahari


The Economics of Business Valuation Discounts and the Competitive Risk-Return Paradigm
Susan W. Eldridge

Student Papers

Cap and Trade Allocation Schemes: An Earnable Allocation Scheme
Matthew Fuller

The Effect of Income Inequality on Economic Growth in China
Ye Tian

Volume 3, Number 1, October, 2010


Infrequently Asked Questions on the Monetary Union of the Countries of the Gulf Co Operation Council
Jerry Mushin

The Perceived Economic Resultant Impact of Broadband Internet on Three Small Kentucky Cities
Phillip D. Coleman

Bankruptcy of an Accounting Firm: Causes and Consequences of the Laventhol & Horwath Failure
Frederic M. Stiner, Jr.

Suboptimal Supply Side Environmentalism
Craig S. Marxsen

The Value of College Teaching: An Enquiry
William J. Corcoran

Determinants of Small Business Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Osita C. Nwachukwu and Braimoh Oseghale

Demand for Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha by Gender and by Upper and Lower Division Students
Zolana (Zoe) Baumel and Donald N. Baum

Developing an Employment Friendly Curriculum for the MIS Discipline
Vijay K. Agrawal, Dave Moffett & Allen R. Taylor

The Optimal Inflation in a Backward-Induction Game
Ahmed S. Abou-Zaid & Liaoliao Li

Analysis of the Relation of Corn and Soybeans Futures and ETF Prices
Stoyu I. Ivanov

A Study of the Efficacy of Altman's Z To Predict Bankruptcy of Specialty Retail Firms Doing Business in Contemporary Times
Suzanne K. Hayes, Kay A. Hodge & Larry W. Hughes


Frankensteins of Fraud
Graham Mitenko

Stocks for the Long Run
Craig Marxsen

Student Papers

Exploring Conflict and Oil Prices: Myths, Realities, and Implications for the Department of Defense
Brian Donnelly

Corporate Crime: A Comparison of Culture at Enron and Satyam
Deepti Khedekar

An Analysis of Green Purchasing Behavior: Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Adoption at the State Level
Michael W Edwards

Articles: Volume 2, Number 1, October, 2009

Housing Price Dynamics in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Region
Jim Estes & Greg Richey

The Impact of Homeownership on Criminal Activity: Empirical Evidence from United States County Level Data
Jinlan Ni & Christopher Decker

Contracting with a Co-Author
Michael J. O'Hara & Graham Mitenko

The Wisdom of Socrates and the Statistically Based Knowledge Underlying Public Policy
Craig S. Marxsen

Conspiratorial Trade: The Role of Culture and Informal Economic Activity on Economic Growth
Bill Provaznik

Student Papers

The Effects of Different Conflict Management Styles on Job Satisfaction in Rural Healthcare Settings
Shauna Graham

Wal-Mart and the Minimum Wage
Jamie Rye

Estimating the Effect of Electric Generation Technology Mix on Retail Electric Rates
Matthew Hunsaker

Analysis of Cointegration in Capital Markets of France, Germany and United Kingdom
Hande Erdinc & Joniada Milla

Articles: Volume 1, Number 1, October, 2008

Assessing the Mobility Value of Tenure to the Faculty Member 1
Graham Mitenko & Michael J. O'Hara

The Death of a Salesman in a Flat World 17
David Moffett & Ron Konecny

Market Segmentation: The Omaha Condominium Market 26
Roger P. Sindt & Steven Shultz

Does a Rising Tide Raise All Ships? Single Family Housing Appreciation Across Omaha (2000-2005) 37
Nick Schmitz, Steven Shultz, & Roger P. Sindt

A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between Sense of Humor and Positive Psychological Capacities 46
Larry W. Hughes

Technological Infrastructure Needs in Rural Nebraska 56
A. Ross Taylor, Suzanne L. Maughan, Tim Obermier & Sherri K. Harms

Spontaneous Geoengineering 66
Craig S. Marxsen

The Rise of Prisons and Decline of a Nation 74
Craig S. Marxsen

Myth vs. Reality: The Question of Mass Production in WWII 91
John Paxton

Lost in Translation: Organizational Behavior Constructs Across Cultures – Hope as an Example 105
Bill Provaznik

An Optimization Model of the Ethanol Distillers Grain Market in Nebraska 118
Ron Konecny & Allan Jenkins

Student Papers

Can You "Expect Great Things" at Kohl's? 128
Kelly Hoff

Using Lodging Tax as an Economic Indicator of Nature-Based Tourism 141
Michael S. McBride

A Microeconomic Analysis of the Full-Size Automobile Market 152
Jeffrey Thomas Shepherd Lipschultz

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