Nebraska Economics and Business Association (NEBA) is involved with issues and research on economics and business topics in general, and also focuses on issues and research related to the economy of Nebraska and the Great Plains.

NEBA holds a economics conference each year in the Fall. The 2017 conference will be held in Omaha, NE on Friday, October 27. Please mark your calendar.

Officers, 2017-18

President: Jennifer Bossard
Past-President: Meena Dalal
President Elect: Michael O'Hara
Secrty/Treasurer: Dave Carpenter
Editor, NEBA Journal: Dave Palmer

Executive Board Members:
Jennifer Bossard
   Doane College
Dave Carpenter
   Hastings College
Meenakshi Dalal
   Wayne State College
Jennifer Davidson
   University of NE-Lincoln
Chris Decker
   University of NE-Omaha
Joyce Gleason
   Nebraska Wesleyan Univ., Ret.
Stephen Horner
   Pittsburg State University
Allan Jenkins
   University of NE - Kearney
Doug Kinnear
   Hastings College
Ron Konecny
   University of NE-Kearney
Jack Kramer
   Hastings College, Ret.
Ken Kriz
   Wichita State University
Kenneth Lemke
   Nebr. Public Power District
Sam Nelson
   University of NE-Lincoln
Michael O'Hara
   University of NE-Omaha
Dave Palmer
   University of NE-Kearney
Ronda Smith
   Ball State University, IN
Bill Snyder
   Peru State College, Ret.
Kim Sosin
   University of NE-Omaha, Ret.
Eric Thompson
   University of NE-Lincoln
John Tiner
   Peru State College
Kathleen Zumpfe
   Doane University

51st Anniversary Great Plains Business and Economics Conference
Friday, October 27, 2017, Omaha, NE

Theme: Infrastructure

Registration Form
Printable Location/Directions

Hotel: Regency Lodge, 909 South 107th Ave., Omaha NE 68114

Reservations: 800.617.8310 or Direct: 402.397.8000
Email: Website:
The room rate is $72 per night plus taxes.
Driving Directions (thanks to Michael O'Hara):
Link to a map
From the west of Omaha, take I-80 East until exit 446 where I-80 East separates into I-680 North going towards Center, Pacific, and Dodge Streets ( with I-80 East continuing to downtown). The Pacific Street exit from I-680 North is exit 2. Take Pacific Street east/right; immediately get in the left lane. In two traffic signals, turn left onto 107th Ave.

East from Regency Lodge on Pacific, on the south side, at 103rd Street is the upscale shopping mall One Pacific Place. Opposite 103rd Street is Regency Parkway. East from Regency Lodge on Pacific Street on the north side is Regency Parkway. Regency Parkway going north from Pacific Street passes the even more upscale (e.g., Borsheim's Jewelry) Regency shopping mall; going another half mile north (and going under Dodge Street) is the regional shopping mall Westroads.

Call for Papers for Faculty and Students deadline: Sept 26, 2017.
Call for Faculty/Guest Papers
Call for Student Papers and Student Awards

2017 Program to be announced. Here was the 2016 Program

Board members at the 50th Annual NEBA conference

Photos, NEBA 2016 conference
 Photos, NEBA 2015 conference
  Photos, NEBA 2014 conference

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