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Ceteris Paribus Call for Papers

Future volumes of EBJ:IP will include a section titled Ceteris Paribus which will be devoted to thoughtful and thought provoking essays, reflections, and original research focused around a single theme. All work submitted to Ceteris Paribus and future volumes of EBJ: IP must be original scholarship.

Editor: Dave Palmer

Editorial Board
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Dave Carpenter, Hastings Coll
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Rick Koza, Chadron State Coll
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Craig MacPhee, UNL
Les Manns, Doane College
Dave Palmer, UNK
Chuck Parker, Wayne State Coll
Roger Sindt, UNO
Bill Snyder, Peru State Coll
Kim Sosin, UNO (ret)
Keith Turner, UNO (ret)

Call for Papers #1

What role should coursework in economics play in the General Education curriculum of colleges and universities? Should such coursework be required? Should it just be an elective option? Are there certain courses within the business discipline that should be required within the General Education curriculum? How do we prepare students who are not economics or-business majors to be active participants in the economic life of their communities–as employees, employers, citizens, voters, and taxpayers? Can we create a fruitful dialogue across our campuses which accurately represents the contributions to society of economics and business studies and research? NEW Deadline April 1, 2010.

Call for Papers #2

2010 will mark the 50 th anniversary of the publication of Douglas McGregor’s The Human Side of Enterprise. What impact has McGregor’s ideas had on the study, teaching, and practice of management? Would it be helpful to revisit McGregor’s ideas or has the field moved on from them? How would we evaluate the impact of McGregor’s ideas on the last fifty years of research, teaching, and practice? Is The Human Side of Enterprise still relevant today? NEW Deadline December 17, 2010.

Submit manuscripts to:

David K. Palmer
Professor of Management
College of Business and Technology
University of Nebraska at Kearney
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