Nebraska Economics and Business Association October 28th NEBA Program
Draft as of 10/19/05

8:15: Registration (coffee, rolls)

8:25: Welcome from the Federal Reserve Bank

8:30: Faculty Paper Sessions (about 20 minutes each)

Session A, Chair: Chuck Parker, Wayne State College

  • Kenn Hallgren, Wayne State College, "Home Computers: A Source for Community Communication Strategies"
  • Roger P. Sindt, University of Nebraska Omaha, "Residential Finance: An Analysis of Borrower Choice and Risk Factors"
  • Craig Marxsen, University of Nebraska Kearney, "Religious Environmentalism"
  • David K. Palmer, University of Nebraska Kearney, "Wasp-waisted Age Distributions Outside Metropolitan Nebraska: Where Are All the Gen Xers?"
  • August Bruehlman, Chadron State College and Gary D. Geroy, Colorado State University, "Towards A View of Human Capital Metrics in The Merger and Acquisition Process"
Session B, Chair: William Snyder, Peru State College
  • Pat Lutt, Wayne State College, "Is Coaching Appropriate as a Management Metaphor: Issues & Controversies"
  • Donald E. Baack, Christine E. Fogliasso, Kalin Duhov, Pittsburg State University, "Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance"
  • Jeryl L. Nelson, Wayne State College, "Board Responses to Public Pressure: Has the Board Reform Movement Gone Too Far? The Need for Affiliated Directors."
  • Bienvenido Cortes and Anil Lal, Pittsburg State, "Gaming in Kansas: The Economic Impact and Related Issues of a Proposed Destination Casino"
  • Loretta Fairchild and Amy Stickney, Nebraska Wesleyan and Jonathan Krutz, NE Hospice Association, "Impact of Casinos on Retail Sales in Mid-Size Iowa Cities"
10:15: Break with refreshments

10:30: Student Paper Sessions (about 20 minutes each)

Session A, Chair: David Palmer, University of Nebraska Kearney

  • Lindsey LaShell & Stephanie Paitz, University of Nebraska Kearney, "Measuring Lifetime Value of a Customer: The Context of Banking"
  • Jaci Jenkins, Hastings College, "An Analysis of Affirmative Action. The Michigan Decisions: A Temporary Solution Made Permanent"
  • Bethany Spidle and Adam Yeager, University of Nebraska Kearney, "Assessing the Innovativeness of Salespeople SIC #2834 Pharmaceutical"
  • Lindsey LaShell University of Nebraska Kearney, "Role of Appearance on Sales Performance via State of Mind"
Session B, Chair: Rick Koza, Chadron State College
  • Stoyu I. Ivanov, University of Nebraska -Lincoln, "Going Global?"
  • Daniel Nixa, University of Nebraska Omaha, "Does Seller Experience Influence the Selection of an Auction-Close Rule in Yahoo Auctions?"
  • Adam Irwin, University of Kansas, "The Dynamics of Chinese Budget Constraints: An Analysis of NPL Reduction Reforms in the State Banking Sector"
  • Fan Yang, University of Nebraska Omaha, "Financial Restatement Analysis: Qwest Communications International Inc."
12:00 Lunch
Speaker, William Keeton, Assistant Vice President and Economist
Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.
Topic: "The Impact of Immigration on Local Labor Markets"

1:30: Panel Discussion / Rural Policy Issues, Chair: Maurice Baker

  • Poverty: Marilyn Mecham, Executive, Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska
  • Medical Services: Dave Palm, Administrator, Office of Public Health in the Health and Human Services System, Nebraska
  • Rural Housing: Jim Barr, former State Director of Economic Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture
2:45 Break with refreshments

3:00 Panel Discussion / Water Issues in the Midwest, Chair: Roger Sindt

  • David Aiken, Professor, Water Law Specialist, UNL, Lincoln
  • Michael Clements, General Manager, Lower Republican NRD, Alma
  • David Vogler, Legal Counsel, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Lincoln
  • Randy Zach, Water Resources Advisor, Nebraska Public Power District, Columbus
4:15 Business meeting with refreshments

5:00 Adjourn